ZGYX-430E Surface DTH Drill Rig

Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, sales and application service of air compressor and rock drilling equipment. ZGYX-430E surface down the hole drilling rig is widely used in industrial gas source, mining of various mines and construction of engineering projects.

ZGYX-430E DTH Drill Rig Product introduction

ZGYX-430E, as a new down the hole drilling rig of Zhigao machinery company, has been effectively enhanced in terms of power after upgrading. The rig is equipped with three types of power, namely Yuchai yc4a100, electric 45KW and 55kW. The maximum rotary torque of the machine can reach 5500 N.M. it can be used for anchor rod and root canal of foundation pit.

ZGYX-430E DTH drilling rig is equipped with international construction machinery traveling device, which effectively reduces the probability of failure in the process of traveling, and effectively ensures the quality and safety of the drilling rig. The rotary head is developed by Zhigao tunneling company. It has powerful rotation and is not easy to get stuck.

ZGYX-430E DTH drilling rig is a new model after upgrading, and its walking configuration has reached international standards. The fuselage is equipped with four-wheel belt and plunger motor acceleration and deceleration system. The drilling rig is more robust when walking, avoiding damage to the fuselage due to excessive turbulence, which makes the rig more durable. The walking speed increased significantly, reaching 3km / h.

Features of drilling rig products

ZGYX-430E DTH drilling rig is equipped with wet air filter, which can effectively protect the diesel system of the drilling rig. The working efficiency of dry two-stage dust removal structure is very high. In the process of drilling rig operation, drilling can ensure that there is no dust, which also provides effective protection for the health of construction personnel. Dry dedusting structure can improve the construction environment of open-pit mine site, and the breathing environment of engine is also improved, which is safe and environmental protection.