ZGYX-421T Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig

ZGYX-421T is an integrated open-air down the hole drilling rig developed by Zhigao tunneling company. The power of this drill is Yuchai YC61A80Z and equipped with 10 / 14.5 screw air compressor. The standard dry integrated device improves the performance of the whole drilling rig.

Introduction of ZGYX-421T DTH drilling rig

ZGYX-421T integrated surface down the hole drill has high performance, the strength of the overall structure of the model has been strengthened, and it has all the functions of ZGYX-420A drilling rig. The return bit of the drill is driven by cycloid motor, which greatly reduces the volume of the original steel ball motor and the occurrence of faults. The torque of the drill is strengthened, and the drilling aperture range of the drill is increased during the operation. The rotary head and transition joint of the drilling rig are directly connected by threads, so the failure rate of the original seal air leakage is reduced, and the use experience of the drilling rig is improved.

ZGYX-421T down the hole drilling rig has a large torque, so the drilling hole diameter range of the large torque drilling rig is also increased, the rod changing efficiency is fast, and the rotation has the function of fast and slow gear switching. This function makes the drilling rig more humanized and convenient for the user’s operation. In terms of external design, the shell of ZGYX-421T DTH drilling rig has been newly designed, which not only improves the beauty of the drilling rig, but also facilitates the later maintenance and use of the drilling rig.

ZGYX-421T down the hole drilling rig is equipped with dry and efficient dust collection system, which can ensure that there is no dust during drilling, and the use process of the drilling rig is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The body of the drilling rig is equipped with body leveling function, which makes the drilling rig travel smoothly and enhance the cross-country ability.

Main technical parameters of drilling rig

Air discharge pressure14.5Mpa
Air consumption10m³/min
Hole range80-100mm
Hammer3.5″ standard
Hole depth25m
Pipe length3000m