ZGYX-420E Surface DTH Drill Rig

ZGYX-420E DTH Drill Rig

ZGYX-420E DTH Drill Rig Product Features

ZGYX-420E open-air DTH drilling rig is equipped with two types of diesel engines: Yuchai four cylinder yc4d80 and electric 30kW. In addition, this type of drilling rig is also equipped with a three meter long drill pipe and a dry dust collector. The whole structure of the drilling rig is enhanced, so that the drilling rig can play a good role in various construction sites. The double cycloid motor drives the rotary head, which effectively enhances the torque of the drilling rig and expands the drilling hole diameter range of the drill.

ZGYX-420E DTH Drill Rig Detail treatment

The details of ZGYX-420E open-air drilling rig are in place, and the pursuit of quality is perfect. The machine redesigns the cover of the drilling rig. The new type of cover facilitates the maintenance of the drilling rig and subsequent maintenance work, and the external viewing is simple and beautiful.
The dust collecting device of this type is dry type dust collecting device, which has no dust in the process of drilling and chiseling, which is both environmental protection and energy saving.
ZGYX-420E drilling rig is equipped with plunger traveling motor, which is more powerful and effective guarantee for quality during climbing.

ZGYX-420E DTH Drill Rig Power

Rig ModelEngine Model
ZGYX-420EYuchai YC4080
ZGYX-420E-1Yuchai YC4A108

After the strength of each structure of the machine is strengthened, it can bear the various functional requirements of the original ZGYX-3500 drilling machine. The double cycloid motor drives the rotary head, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the original ball motor. At the same time, the bulky volume of the motor is greatly reduced, the torque of the drilling rig is strengthened, and the drilling hole diameter is expanded.

In addition, the filtration system of ZGYX-420E open-pit down the hole drilling rig has been upgraded. The high-performance wet air filter developed by ourselves, combined with the dry air filter, has formed a three-stage air filtration system, and the diesel engine has been more comprehensively protected. The guide wheel designed by the company and the hydraulic tension travel system are adopted in the drilling rig, which is not easy to cause the crawler to fall off the chain. The whole series of drilling rigs of Zhigao tunneling have anti-counterfeiting marks, which can distinguish and inquire the authenticity at any time, which is convenient and convenient.