FY series water well drilling rig

Product Features

  • Traveling device: Traveling motor is equipped with a gearbox, which has a long life;
  • Hydraulic oil pump: sufficient power supply and reasonable distribution, hydraulic system design, simple maintenance and low cost;
  • Power head device:the gearbox is cast in one piece, dual motors provide power, and the torque is large;
  • Drill chassis: excavator chassis, with large load-bearing capacity, wide chain plates, and less damage to hard roads.

Product Picture

Product Parameter

technical parameterunitFY180FY260FY280FY350
The weightT5.
The hole diametermm140-254140-305140-305140-325
Drilling depthm180260280350
One-time advance lengthm3.
Walking speedkm/h2.
Climbing anglesMax.30303030
Equipped capacitorkw60707592
Using air pressureMpa1.7-2.51.7-3.01.7-3.01.7-3.4
Air consumptionm³/min17-3117-3117-3117-36
Swing speedrpm45-7045-7040-7066-135
The penetration efficiencym/h10-3510-3515-3515-35
Drill pipe diametermm76/8976/8976/8989/102
Drill pipe lengthm 1.5/2.0/3.0 1.5/2/31.5/2/31/2/3/6
Rig lifting forceT12151722
Rapid rise speedm/min20242518
Fast feeding speed m/min 40283033
Width of loadingm2.42.732.72.7
Hoisting force of winchT1.522
Swing torqueN.m3200-46004000-53004500-60006200-8500
High leg strokem1.