Wireless water detector

wireless water detector Main features

  • Completely wireless: built-in high-performance lithium battery, Bluetooth or WiFi communication
  • Free combination: Field data collection has high accuracy and efficiency, which can meet the accuracy requirements of data collection in different application scenarios.
  • Accurate and stable: You can switch between MN and TT measurement modes to solve the problem of field data collection interference to the greatest extent.
  • Smart and simple: completely wireless, fast data processing through mobile phones and other terminals, 2D/3D drawing analysis, etc.

Product Picture

Introduction of two measurement modes
In the field, there are two modes: TT and MN, which can be switched. You can use MN electrode, insert the earth to measure directly, or directly measure on the ground, even if you carry it in the air, you can also measure, and collect the data signal to achieve complete No need to pull wires;

Built-in high-performance lithium battery, Bluetooth or WiFi communication, the man-machine interface is completely wireless. Note: The lowest configuration model does not have a TT sensor, you can only use the MN electrode to insert the earth to measure directly

Main parameters