Safety operating procedures for screw air compressors

Air compressor safety operation rules

  1. Equipment safety precautions
  2. Only when the power supply has been cut off and the compressed air in the entire compressor system has been emptied (the pressure in the unit is equal to the atmospheric pressure) can the overhaul or maintenance be carried out on the unit.
  3. Turn on the power of the compressor for a very short time before starting (jogging for about 1 second) to check whether the rotation direction of the compressor is correct, otherwise the screw group of the compressor can be damaged within a few minutes. damage. 3om ensures that pure gas is inhaled during the operation of the machine, and there is no flammable, easy to build, and intentional gas.
  4. Before running the unit, it must be ensured that all joints and accessories are firm and firm.
  5. Do not loosen or remove any accessories, joints and devices during operation, so as to avoid serious injury accidents.
  6. Safety devices such as air switches and fuses must be installed on the power supply line of the compressor to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment. Be sure to connect the appropriate grounding wire according to the safety regulations of the relevant departments.
  7. The compressor cannot work above the exhaust pressure specified on the nameplate, otherwise the motor is overloaded, which will cause the unit to stop.
  8. The safety valve is installed on the oil and gas separator. When the gas pressure in the system exceeds the set pressure, the safety valve will act. At this time, the cause of the overpressure should be checked to eliminate the fault.
  9. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean compressors and auxiliary equipment.
  10. This compressor cannot be used directly as a device for producing breathing air. If the breathing standard is to be met, the compressed air should be treated with corresponding purification. Additional safety measures are required for other gas equipment. Use compressed air for applications not mentioned in this manual. More attention is needed.
  11. When the unit is running, the door of the box should be closed. It can only be opened for a short time during inspection, but attention should be paid to the damage to the human body caused by moving parts and high-temperature parts, and protective earmuffs should be worn. Do not throw leftovers on or inside the unit.
  12. The pressure vessel shall not be repaired by welding, and the interior of the machine or pressure vessel shall not be inspected with an open flame light source.
  13. Make sure the sound insulation material on the compressor is complete, if there is any damage, please contact the service provider.
  14. Operation precautions
  15. Check before the first startup
    a. Check the capacity of the lubricating oil in the oil-gas separator, and make sure that the oil level in the oil level gauge is above the middle of the upper limit and the lower limit is the best.
    b. The electrical wiring and grounding wire have been completed and meet the safety standards.
    C. The air supply pipeline is dredged, and all the screw plugs and joints are tightened.
    d. Check whether the motor power, voltage and instrument panel indications are correct, and ensure that the compressor starts with no load.
    e. If it takes a long time to test the machine, you should add about 0.5 liters of lubricating oil from the air inlet, and turn it by hand or jog a few times to prevent the compressor from losing oil and burning during startup. Foreign objects fall into the body, so as not to damage the compressor. Operate the valve in accordance with the process line operating requirements, and the compressor discharge valve should be in the open position.
    g. When ready to start, check that the operator is in a safe position.
    h. Close the manual drain valve.
  16. First start
    a. Turn on the power first, and observe whether there is a phase sequence protection indication on the text display. If it is not displayed, it means that it is normal and then press the ON key to jog. For safety reasons, check whether the rotation direction is correct (consistent with the direction of the arrow). If it is correct, you can clearly feel the suction at the inlet of the air filter (pay attention to using a finger). Otherwise, the steering is wrong, cut off the power supply, and exchange any two of the two power lines. Remember that the motor is strictly prohibited from being reversed.
    b. Connect the ON button, start running, and the compressor can run in the set mode. At this time, you should observe whether the instrument and indicator lights are normal, whether the pressure and temperature are normal, whether there is any abnormal sound, and whether there is oil leakage. If there is, stop the inspection immediately. Press the OFF button to stop, and the unit will stop only after the delayed unloading. Not stopping immediately is normal. Note: Only when there is a special abnormal situation, you can manually press the “emergency stop” button to perform emergency stop. Remember: the parameter settings of the unit have been set before leaving the factory. If you need to change it in special circumstances, you need to contact our company, otherwise you will be responsible for serious consequences.
  17. Normal operation
    a. Preparations before starting the machine: Check the oil level in the oil and gas separator, and gently open the oil drain valve below the oil and gas separator. In order to remove the condensed water that may exist in it, tighten the valve after confirming that there is no condensed water. Open the valve of the compressor air supply port.
    b. Power on: close the power switch, press – . the ON button on the lower instrument panel, the compressor starts to run. If you need to adjust the discharge pressure of the compressor, please gradually reduce the valve at the air supply port of the compressor.
    C. Shutdown: Press the OFF button on the instrument panel, the compressor will automatically stop after unloading and running for a period of time. When it is determined that the machine is not in use, the power supply should be cut off and the valve of the air supply port of the compressor should be closed.
    When the compressor is idle for too long, it will automatically shut down. At this time, inspection and maintenance work is absolutely not allowed, because the compressor will resume operation at any time. For a unit with a separate fan, the fan operation/stop is automatically controlled, and the fan must not be touched to avoid personal injury. mechanical
    Check the power must be cut off first!
    After the power is cut off, the operation of the compressor will suddenly stop. At this time, remember to cut off the power supply of the compressor, so as to avoid burning the electric control part when the power is suddenly supplied.
    At the same time, there may be hidden dangers in other aspects.