T630 Fuill Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface Drill Rig

T635 drilling rig is a jack hammer integrated drill for open-air engineering application. Its core technology adopts the proven high-frequency hydraulic rock drill technology and simple and practical control system. The folding boom and floating track of light weight design make the drilling rig have the advantages of flexible transition, flexible positioning, large coverage, high efficiency, etc. the perfect combination of Cummins EFI engine and Zhigao drilling control system makes the oil consumption per drilling meter of the drilling rig less than 0.5 L.

Features of t630 drilling rig

T630 full hydraulic drilling rig is a fully hydraulic integrated drilling machine product of Zhigao tunneling company. The propulsion system of this type of drilling machine is composed of hydraulic brake motor, chain, sprocket and root canal. The propulsion system can realize fast and slow propulsion and lifting, and the rubber tube can automatically follow up and tension.

The dust collection system of t630 full hydraulic drilling rig has been upgraded and optimized. The new two-stage dry strong dust collection system can completely eliminate the dust that may appear in the construction process, and effectively ensure the health and safety of construction personnel.

Main Features

Hole range 42-89mm
Rotation speed0-192rpm
Rotation torqueMax.860N,m
Hole depth13.5m
Max.impact power15kW

T630 hammer drill adopts the combination of high-frequency hydraulic rock drill and bit clamping system, which makes the drilling rig free from obstruction and can drill smoothly, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

The automatic lubrication and filling system of the drilling rig is equipped with electronic pulse lubrication filling, which effectively prolongs the service life of the drill tool, makes the user easy to operate and improves the user’s experience. The combination of heavy chassis and leveling cylinder is adopted in the t630 hammer integrated drilling rig, which enhances the cross-country performance of the drilling rig itself.