ZGYX-423 Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig

ZgGYX-423 integral surface down the hole drilling rig is a kind of drilling machine produced by Zhigao tunneling company. At present, the drilling rig production technology of Zhigao tunneling company has become mature, and ZGYX-423 has high drilling capacity and operation adaptability. ZGYX-423 DTH drilling rig has high flexibility, good reliability, strong adaptability and good hole forming quality in practical application.

Features of ZGYX-423 drilling rig

ZGYX-423 integrated open-air DTH drilling rig has the features of high efficiency, especially in the process of use. This model has the function of automatic drill rod replacement and cross-country performance, which can effectively reduce the auxiliary time of the drilling rig and improve the working efficiency of the drilling rig.

ZGYX-423 DTH drilling rig is equipped with high-pressure screw type air compressor. The large displacement air compressor can make the drilling rig more thorough in slag discharge, increase the drilling speed of the drill, and effectively reduce the consumption of the drilling rig. This type of machine has powerful propulsion and rotary design, and solves the difficult problem of drill pipe sticking in complex rock strata on the basis of satisfying high-speed rock drilling. Single operator reduces labor cost.

Main technical specifications

Model YC6J220-T300
Rated Power162kW
Fuel Tank Capacity490L
Diesel Engine
Hole Range90-115mm
Hole Depth24000mm
Drill Pipe Diameter68mm
Rod changer and number of holding rods7+1
Rotation Speed 0~110r pm
Rotation Torque2540N.m
Drill Pipe Length3000mm
Functional Specifications

ZGYX-452 integral down the hole drilling rig has low pollution and environmental protection in the application process. The standard two-stage dry dust collection device and the optional wet dust removal device of the fuselage can not only meet the environmental protection needs of mine and operators, but also greatly reduce the pollution of dust on the equipment itself.