ZGM 1240A Bolter

ZGM 1240A anchor drilling rig is a complex of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other technologies. It adopts “soft” connection to form this comprehensive system. This model is an anchor drill produced by Zhigao tunneling company. It has wide application range, strong strain capacity and can meet the diversified needs of users.

Features of zgm1240a drilling rig

ZGM1240A anchor drilling rig is a new type of drilling machine produced by Zhigao tunneling company. It runs stably, runs faster, and its working efficiency is greatly improved compared with the original model. After upgrading and optimization, the service life of ZGM1240A anchor drilling rig has been significantly enhanced. In terms of energy consumption, the model has low energy consumption, simple and convenient operation, and the fuselage is equipped with automatic protection and other functions. The model can be widely used in various occasions and different fields. The drilling rig has strong strain capacity and can meet the actual needs of various users.

Main Applications

ZGM1240A anchor drilling rig is widely used in construction site construction, hydropower station construction, highway construction and other types of mechanical engineering. The drilling rig itself is equipped with unloading drill pipe, drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal holes with a diameter of 90-165 mm. The drilling depth of the machine can reach 25m.

Main technical specifications

Hole dia90-165mmHole depth25m
Rotayion torque3500N.mRotation speed72-142r/min
Feed total length3280mmFeed travel1680mm
Tramming speed2.5km/hTraction force6KN
Gradient25°Ground clearance280 mm

ZGM1240A anchor drilling rig is equipped with high-strength chassis structure and front outrigger oil cylinder, which makes the drilling rig stable and safe in the working process. The propulsion beam of this model has been upgraded and optimized in production. The maximum lift can reach 8t by using oil cylinder directly, and it can realize 360 ° rotation and 25 ° horizontal upward or downward.