ZGYX-420S Bolter

ZGYX-420S anchor drilling rig is equipped with Yuchai four cylinder YC4D80 and motor 45KW. The drilling rig is equipped with three meter long drill pipe or a variety of twist drill pipes, and its standard configuration diameter is 76mm.
ZGYX-420S anchor drilling rig is a diesel and electric dual-purpose drilling rig. During the operation of the drilling rig, the power can be switched at any time, which facilitates the operation and improves the working efficiency of the drilling rig.

Main technical specifications

Rated power60KW
Diesel Engine
Rated power45KW
Electric motor

Product Features

ZGYX-420S anchor drilling rig enhances the strength of each structural part and can fully meet the functional requirements of the original ZGYX-3500 drilling rig. Moreover, the motor driving device of the fuselage can be integrated and disassembled easily at any time. The drilling rig is equipped with high torque double cycloid motor to drive the rotary head, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the original steel ball motor, effectively ensures the smooth operation and safety of the drilling rig, and also reduces the bulky volume of the original model to a great extent, and makes loading and moving more convenient and fast.

Total weight 5000kg
Transportation Dimensions

ZGYX-420S anchor drilling rig has been optimized in the design, which has strengthened the torque of the drill truck and made the drilling hole range wider. It can be widely used for anchor rod, pipe following and large diameter twist drill pipe operation in foundation pit. In addition, the filtration system of the drilling rig has also been upgraded. The self-developed high-performance wet air filter is combined with the dry air filter to form a three-stage air filtration system, which can better protect the diesel engine and prolong the service life of the diesel engine.